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Cylinder Position Indicating Switches, ALS Switches - Schrader Bellows

Schrader Bellows Cylinder Position Indicating Switches

Switches mounted on our hydraulic cylinders add value to your machine design - Position Sensing with a Magnetic Piston and Standard Steel Tube

Choose the style that’s right for your needs:

Tie Rod Mounted Switches – actuated by a magnetic piston, the switches can be positioned at any location along the cylinder to indicate end-of-stroke or mid-stroke locations. Multiple switches can be installed with numbers only restricted by available tie rod mounting space. The switches are non-intrusive and maintain pressure envelope integrity. They are available for PH-2 Series in 1.50" - 6.00" bores, PL-2, and PA-2 Series in 1.00" - 4.00" bores.

Head and Cap Mounted Switches - Switches feature a fixed mount design that is actuated by proximity (without contact) of cushion sleeve or spear and provide an end-of-stroke signal with or without functional cushion. The switches are available up to 10.00" bore PA-2 Series and 8.00" bore PL-2 & PH-2 Series


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