Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders, PA-2 Series - Schrader Bellows

Pneumatic Cylinders, Heavy Duty Steel -
Schrader Bellows PA-2 Series

When the job calls for reliable, heavy-duty performance, specify PA-2 Series cylinders from Schrader Bellows.

A 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads. 100,000 psi yield strength tie rods. With construction like this, the Schrader Bellows PA-2 Series is rated for air service to 250 psi. This is one heavy-duty air cylinder that’s really heavy duty. They’re truly premium quality cylinders, factory prelubricated standard with a non-lube option for millions of maintenance-free cycles. And to make sure every cylinder is premium quality, we subject each and every one – not just batch samples – to tough inspection and performance tests. Schrader Bellows PA-2 Series Air Cylinders are factory prelubricated. Lube-A-Cyl applied to seals, piston, cylinder bore, piston rod and gland surfaces provides lubrication for normal operation. Lube-A-Cyl has been field and laboratory tested, and is recommended by Schrader Bellows for air cylinders where lubricant should remain in the cylinder and not be expelled into the atmosphere.

Every PA-2 Series cylinder is individually tested before leaving our plant to assure proper performance and leak free operation and comes with an eighteen month warranty.


  • Industrial
  • Processing


  • Nodular iron rod bushing for increased machine productivity
  • AV Series Serrated Lip Rod Seal for positive no-leak sealing
  • AVN Series Rounded Lip Rod Seal for superior non-lube performance
  • Every cylinder is individually tested to assure reliability
  • Eighteen month warranty


  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Tools
  • Vehicle Assembly Facilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plastic Processing